Tasting Notes

The Falls 2019 Canadian Riesling from Aldi

The Vigneview

It’s difficult to find Canadian Rieslings in the UK, let alone a reasonably priced bottle. So, when I came across The Falls 2019 Canadian Riesling at Aldi, I just had to buy it and at £9.99…why not?!?!

Initially, I tried a glass of The Falls 2019 Canadian Riesling chilled. Aromas of fresh honeysuckle blossoms followed by lemon peel, green apple and newly ripened pears filled my glass. On the palate I enjoyed a zingy citrus burst that lingered on what seemed like and endless finish. Wow! Such a lovely journey on the palate.

After 30 minutes, I tasted what was left in my glass. This time around, the wine was slightly warmer but exuded beautiful ripe nectarine aromas and flavours. It’s so incredible how the temperature can dramatically affect the aromas and flavours of a wine.

This is a dreamy Riesling! Enjoy it alone or with summery foods. As this is an off-dry Riesling, it will pair beautifully with slightly spicy dishes such as Mexican or Thai cuisine.

Food Pairing

I recommend pairing this bottle of The Falls 2019 Canadian Riesling with my Buttermilk Chicken Enchiladas. The zingy citrus flavours and honeysuckle floral aromas pair so well with the lime and cilantro. Additionally, the subtle sweetness within the wine is a perfect partner with the slightly acidic, spice filled tomato passata red sauce. You’ll love this pairing!

Canadian Riesling and Enchiladas

Cheers! x

Producer: The Falls

Country: Canada

Region: Niagra Peninsula

Vintage: 2019

Grapes: Riesling

Closure: Screw Cap

Style: Still

Sweetness: Off-dry

Price: £9.99

Colour: Pale Lemon

Acidity: High

Alcohol: 10.5%

Body: Medium –


Floral: Honesuckle

Citrus: Lemon

Stone fruit: Nectarine

Drinking Window: Drink now!