Tasting Notes

Réserve Mont-Redon Gigondas 2018

The Vigneview Verdict

Well, I can thank my in-laws for bringing this delicious bottle of Réserve Mont-Redon Gigondas 2018 along on our annual ski trip to Norway. There’s nothing better than a full-bodied, red wine that’s brimming with fruits of the forest, fresh garrigue (local herbs) and savoury earthy notes to not only perfectly pair with your evening meal, but also the stunning alpine landscape! If you’re unfamiliar with the Gigondas region, then I’m sure you’ve heard of its more famous neighbour to the southwest, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, which is renowned for it’s full-bodied, high alcohol, rather pricey wines that are made using up to 13 local varieties. Gigondas wines on the other hand tend to be more affordable, Grenache driven blends that are a bit more fresh fruit forward and rather easy to drink!

Second view of Réserve Mont-Redon Gigondas 2018

In Gigondas, Grenache dominates and this GSM (Grenach, Syrah and Mourvèdre) blend is no exception. Comprising 80%, the Grenache adds a smooth, velvety texture on the palate along with raspberry and sweet spice notes, as well as a bit of alcohol.

To incorporate further complexities, a 20% blend of Syrah and Mourvèdre are added to the mix. The Syrah adds a bit more colour and juicy plum notes while the Mourvèdre adds a depth of character to the blend. It incorporates black fruit (cassis), fresh herbs (garrigue), higher acidity and alcohol levels, as well as increasing the tannins.

In order to extract as many complexities and colour as possible, the grapes are macerated for 25 days. Once malolactic fermentation has taken place, 60% of the wine is placed in 228L French Oak Burgundy barrels, while the rest is aged in stainless steel to preserve its fresh fruity nuances. Then 16 months after harvest, the wine is bottled; however, the bottles are kept in cellar for an additional period of time before being sold to the public.

Food Pairing

When pairing Gigondas wines with food, think hearty, yet rustic. I enjoyed this bottle of Réserve Mont-Redon Gigondas 2018 with my Sherry Marinated Pork Tenderloin recipe. Pork tenderloin is a lighter meat that doesn’t compete with the aromatic complexities found within this GSM wine. Additionally, the earthiness from the mushrooms and the fresh herbal essence from the the thyme directly complement the Mourvèdre. Finally, the Sherry marinade simply adds a bit more sweetness and fruit flavours to the blend which pairs so well with the juicy red forest fruits and cassis notes found within the wine. I think this is a fabulous pairing that you’re going to love!

Glass of Réserve Mont-Redon Gigondas 2018

Cheers! x

Producer: Chateau Mont-Redon

Country: France

Region: Gigondas

Vintage: 2018

Grapes: 80% Grenache and 20% Syrah and Mourvèdre

Closure: Cork

Style: Still

Colour: Deep Ruby Red

Sweetness: Dry

Acidity: Medium+

Tannins: Medium

Alcohol: 14.5%

Body: Full


Red Fruit: Red plum, raspberry, fruits of the forest, cassis

Other: Sweet spice and garrigue

Oak: Cloves and a hint of charred wood

Drinking Window: Can drink now or age for another 8-10 years

Price:€26.60 (Chateau Mont Redon)