Tasting Notes

Bocopa Bodegas Alcanta Vino Blanco 2020~ Alicante DOP, Spain

The Vigneview Verdict

As I was so impressed with the Alcanta tinto blend of Monastrell, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo, I just had to buy this bottle of Bocopa Bodegas Alcanta Vino Blanco 2020 blend of Merseguera and Macabeo. Once again, priced at just under €2, I had no reason not to try this beautifully floral, fruity wine.

Alcanta Blanco bottle

Both Merseguera and Macabeo are protected white grape varieties in the Alicante DOP region. Merseguera is found mostly throughout southeastern Spain along the Mediterranean coast. It is resistant to disease and is a rather easy variety to cultivate. Rarely exported outside of Spain and most often found in blends, this variety lacks acidity and therefore doesn’t create high quality single varietal wines. However, when blended with other grapes varieties, Merseguera adds aromas and flavours of jasmine blossoms, tropical fruit and hints of herbs and fennel. The other variety found within this blend is Macabeo, which is one of the three main grape varieties found in the production of Cava and as well as being white Rioja’s main grape. Also known as Viura, this variety is rarely celebrated in Spain; however, it is definitely a rising star, especially in Rioja. Macabeo adds a floral component to the wine along with green, herbal aromas as well as the essence of almonds. This variety can be a bit tricky to harvest because its acidity levels drop significantly quickly. Timing is critical!

This Bocopa Bodegas Alcanta Vino Blanco 2020 is an easy drinking wine with a generous bouquet of jasmine blossoms, citrus, herbal notes and a subtle hint of almonds. On the palate, you’ll enjoy a moderate refreshing sensation along with further flavours and aromas of lemon, lime, grapefruit, pineapple and fennel on a long lasting finish. Basically, this is the Alicante DO in a bottle!

Food Pairing

Enjoy poolside with your favourite light cheese. I chose to enjoy this gorgeous wine with a Tetilla from Galicia. Such a fantastic pairing. The ripe floral and fruitiness of the wine was able to shine through without being overpowered by the cheese.

Tetilla cheese

Cheers! x

Producer: Bocopa Bodegas Alcanta Vino Blanco

Country: Spain

Region: Alicante DO

Vintage: 2020

Grapes: Merseguera and Macabeo

Closure: Cork

Style: Still

Price: €1.99 (Consum)

Colour: Medium Lemon

Sweetness: Dry

Acidity: Medium

Alcohol: 11%

Body: Light


Floral: Jasmine blossoms

Citrus: Lemon, lime and grapefruit

Tropical fruit: Pineapple

Vegetal notes: Fennel

Other: Almond

Drinking Window: Drink now until 2022