Vigneview began among the vines back in 2016. While hosting vineyard tours in Oregon’s beautiful Eola-Amity Hills, I developed a newfound appreciation for the vines and their ability to produce bountiful, complex grapes, so reflective of the local terroir. It was such an inspiration, that I created Vigneview as a way to further explore, better understand and most of all, enjoy all things wine and vine related!

Initially, my love for learning guided me towards a career in teaching. However, getting married, raising five children and moving countries multiple times have all provided me with opportunities to travel and learn about people and their unique cultures. I’m drawn to the viticulture and wine world because it too is international, incredibly diverse and filled with endless learning opportunities. Now, based in London, I’m always on the lookout to further my knowledge and understanding of this vast industry. I hope you follow me on this journey and learn something along the way too!

The next time you open a bottle, savour the wine and use it as an opportunity to share it with a friend or someone you are getting to know. Friendship is quite possibly the most perfect pairing of all.


Nicki Robertsson